I’m Eryn Clayton, I love to bake and I love sharing food - it warms every part of my soul. My favorite moments are lazy Sundays cooking for my favorite person, Kyle Clayton. I make bread because I am enamored with the simplicity of ingredients - flour, water, salt, time, and heat can make something so flavorful, layered, and beautiful. I hope that you too can share bread alongside your favorite people and savor chilly weather stews or humid Kentucky porch nights every week.

I started my business in the Spring of 2016, selling at West Sixth Brewing, at the Bread Box Farmers’ Market. I now bake for Sunrise Bakery on Main St. in Lexington. All of my breads are made simply with flour, water, salt and sometimes yeast. My cakes and other pastries are made with Weisenberger Mill flour, local eggs, and seasonal fruit and herbs.